OLEV Grant

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has been set up to make the UK a leading nation in the development of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

The office has been given £900 million to achieve this aim and electric vehicles owners can benefit from the grants being awarded to encourage more people to make the switch and help reduce the carbon emissions that are continuing to heat up the planet.

Home Charging Scheme

If you have off street parking and own an electric vehicle, then you may be able to take advantage of the scheme and benefit from up to £500 towards the cost of installation of your EV charger. As accredited installers of EV chargers, we have installed EV chargers in many properties across Chester Wrexham and the surrounding areas.

Do you qualify for the OLEV grant?

Qualifying for the grant is easy. You just need to be able to say yes to the following criteria:

Eligibility Checklist

You have dedicated off-street parking.
Your plug-in vehicle was purchased after 1st October 2016.
You have not already claimed the grant for your vehicle.
By claiming the grant, you are not exceeding the limit of two OLEV funded chargepoints per household.
EV Charger Installation Wrexham

Workplace Charging Scheme

This grant works in a similar way to the home charge scheme but there is the option to install up to 20 charge points. OLEV provide £300 towards the cost of installing a single socket EV charging point. We regularly install EV chargers for businesses in Wrexham, Chester and the surrounding areas.

Public Sector Charging Scheme

Local authorities can benefit from up to £7,500 towards the cost of installing EV chargers in residential areas for people who don’t have off-street parking. The grant is available for public sector organisations who have the support of the Highways Authority. We are qualified to install EV chargers on local authority premises.