The Future of Electric Car Charging Points

One less anticipated consequence of a switch to electric cars is the new and unexpected ways cars may be charged in the not-too-distant future. Here are just a few of the ideas that could be commonplace within the next decade.

Lamp-post chargers

There was once a lot of head-scratching about where all the electrical chargers are going to go when the country relies more and more on electric cars. Lamp-posts are probably one of the biggest answers to this problem staring us in the face the whole time. Lamp-posts are everywhere in the cist and can provide enough charge to get a car from one side to another (traffic permitting).

Lamp-posts do however have their limitations and if everyone is using an electric car then fighting for a free lamp-post as well as a parking space might prove an even greater annoyance to stressed-out city drivers. Public charge points will inevitably attract businesses keen to make money from desperate drivers needing a top-up charge to get them home.

Fast charging hubs

This is probably one of the more promising ways to charge your car in a public place because the energy to charge cars can be drawn from solar panels rather than standard electric power stations. The first one is already up and running in Dundee although sunlight is likely to be at a premium in the Scottish city.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in England’s cities that isn’t privately owned nowadays and again if this kind of hub is introduced south of the border the price of a charge might come at a premium.

EV charger on the drive

If you are lucky enough to have off-road parking, then a home charging point should be top of your list and you may be supplied with your charging kit when you purchase the car if it’s new. This represents the best solution because you can be charging your car up fully before your journey while you sleep. Installing an electric car charger at home should provide enough charge not to have to rely on finding one that isn’t already taken.


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