Lidl Commits to Installing EV Charging Points At All New Stores

Supermarket chain Lidl are set to install EV charging points at all its new stores and retrofit EV chargers to its existing stores as part of a new £25 million investment in the technology.

The store will follow supermarket chains Morrisons and Tesco in enabling customer sot to charge their cars while they shop. While Lidl already has EV charging points at 40 of its stores the investment will push this up to more than a third of its UK stores by 2022.

The rapid EV chargers being installed at Lidl will charge cars up in 50 minutes which fits perfectly with the time it takes for the average ‘big shop’ in a supermarket.

Tesco will have EV charging points at 600 of its stores, which will amount to more than double the number of Lidl stores offering EV charging points.

Supermarket carpets could be viewed as the perfect locations to fit EV chargers and it seems likely that supermarkets will be battling to display their greener credentials by fitting them in as many stores as possible in the coming years.

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